Our Story

Founded in 1996, a Large Orange is a network of special interest web services and communities including online assets such as niche web hosting companies, technical support outlets, security and mitigation products and services, and proprietary software applications augmented by community driven development and customer focused consolidation.

Our Specialities

Web Hosting for every user, every niche, done properly with honesty.

We have web hosting products and services available for the full spectrum of users, provided at the right price and with a no-nonsense focus on honest customer care.

The security of your websites, email and data.

We specialise in securing websites, servers and networks so that your hard work is never lost. We also excel at the repair, recovery and securing of websites which have come under attack.

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Our Experts

  • A Large Orange has the right person for you.

    Our experts originate from diverse locations including America, England, Europe, Singapore, Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, Japan, and provide specialist knowledge and experience.

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  • A large orange has the answers you need.

    In such areas as SEO, Web Marketing, Web Advertising, Web Development, App Creation, PHP, MySQL, Apache, NginX, JAVA, Perl, Email, Blog Security, Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal and many, many more!

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